The Screaming Cherry Blossoms is a three piece band based out of Minneapolis, Seattle, and New York City. They don't exist in everyday space. They exist only in a magical netherworld where things just seem to work out. tSCB has manifested in reality as a seredipitous combination of the following folks:

Alissa - Guitar/Vocals
Joel Lederer - Bass
Eric Boyer - Drums NW
Tom Bogdon - Drums LA
Elliott Harris - Drums Mpls
Robert Dale Walker - Drums NYC

In July 2009, they embarked on their first tour of the West Coast. Their 'First Blood' Tour. Starting under the Space Needle and ending on Sunset Blvd, it was a trans-pacific journey fueled by good luck, good friends, musical chairs, enchanted forests, perfect ocean views, and a fuel-efficient rental car.

They are in the process of recording their debut album. Recorded by Minneapolis producer/engineer Tom Herbers in 100% analog fashion, things are coming along nicely. Stay tuned for developments...